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The wallet made of upcycled cowhide leather!

OTAKATSU for SDGs x Borderless Factory

"OTA-S Wallet" was born.

Simple design with upcycled cowhide leather.

Why the Borderless Factory is Ethical?

1. They established the factory to address poverty in Bangladesh, the poorest country in Asia.

"For create opportunities for the poor who want to work but cannot."

Bangladesh is overpopulated for very little land, resulting in high unemployment. In particular, poor people (young people without parents/single mothers/people with disabilities, etc.) who have to support their families have either been unable to work even if they wanted to due to lack of education or experience, or have been forced to work for low wages and in poor working conditions, leading to economic hardship.

Borderless Factory prioritizes local single mothers and people with disabilities and trains them to become first-class leather craftsmen, and has now created more than 700 jobs. The company produces 200,000 leather products annually. A day-care center "Himawari" was opened within a few minutes' walk from the factory so that craftsmen with small children can work with peace of mind. The center is provided free of charge to those who have not been able to find a place to leave their children.

2. Upcycle discarded cow hides. ( What is upcycling? >> )

"Cattle hides that would otherwise be discarded are upcycled into new products."

In Bangladesh, where about 90% of the population is Muslim, there is an annual religious festival called Eid, where cattle and other livestock are offered to Allah (God). The large amount of cow hides that are discarded during the festival are upcycled and turned into leather products, which also leads to the effective use of local resources.

3. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

A tanning method dating back to B.C. that uses tannins from plants to tan hides.

Even in the process of processing hides into leather, the company employs an environmentally friendly method called "vegetable tanning" that does not use chemicals.

OTAKATSU for SDGs x Borderless Factory

The Power of OTAKU Can Save the Future of the Earth and Humanity.

The person in charge of Borderless Factory is also an "OTAKU".

She spoke with us about her desire to connect her favorite otaku activities with the company where she works.

Otaku activities gives her energy to live. However, she also felt guilty about working for an ethical company.

That is when she found our site and we were able to connect with her.

We hope that our wallets, which we put a lot of thought into, will give power to your life.


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