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Let's choose products with certification labels/marks!

A certification mark is a mark used to differentiate products and services.
It is a mark that is attached to products so that we can make appropriate judgments when selecting "ethical products" that are friendly to the earth, the environment, animals, and people.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Forests occupy 1/3 of the earth's land area. However, the area is decreasing every year, and every day forests equivalent to 3,900 Tokyo Domes are disappearing. While we are trying to stop the decline of forests, we must also We need to manage forests properly so that we can continue to receive the benefits of the products we produce from forests.

Products bearing this mark are

sustainably managed forests and their products

products that are made from sustainably managed forests.

Choose products that protect and manage forests!

Some Japanese products contain additives or "genetically modified" ingredients that are banned in other countries. Growing crops with pesticides and chemical fertilizers leads to a vicious cycle of insufficient nutrients in the soil and increased use of chemical fertilizers to compensate. In addition, rivers and oceans are polluted, putting fish and various wild creatures at risk of life and death.

Products bearing this mark are

Products grown without genetic modification, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and with care taken not to stress the soil.

Let's pick a product that's good for people and the environment!

③Fairtrade International

Many of the products we use in our daily lives are made by producers in developing countries who work for wages that are not sufficient to make a living and who suffer from poverty. Fair trade means buying and selling goods at fair prices so that producers in developing countries can lead a better life as human beings.

Products bearing this mark are

those that help people in developing countries by engaging in fair trade (fair trade) in trade with developing countries.

By buying, you'll be supporting producers and families in faraway countries!

④MSC ( Marine Stewardship Council )

Marine products caught in the world's oceans support our human diet. Especially in Japan, a wide variety of fish and shellfish are an inseparable part of our food culture. However, if fishing continues at the current pace, the number of fish species will continue to decline. In order to continue sustainable fishing, certain rules must be followed. The MSC certification system is necessary for this purpose.

Products bearing this mark are

are natural marine products caught in sustainable fisheries that are properly managed in consideration of marine resources and the environment.

When you choose seafood with this label, you're

You'll be supporting a fisherman who's taking a tough approach!

⑤Eco Mark

Products that use a lot of energy or emit pollutants during production, even if they are highly energy efficient in use, cannot be said to be truly environmentally friendly. The Eco Mark is an environmental label that certifies products that are recognized as helping to protect the environment throughout the life of the product (product life cycle) from production to disposal.

Products bearing this mark are

recognized as helping to reduce the burden on the environment and protect the environment.

This mark makes it easy to choose environmentally friendly products!

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Organic standards for processing textiles (textile products). In fact, there is no difference in the detected components between organic cotton grown with minimal use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and cotton grown with large amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and it is impossible to determine the difference. Therefore, in order to know if the cotton is truly organic or not, they have to visit the farm where it is grown.

Products bearing this mark are

all processes, from cultivation to fabric production, are friendly to people and the environment It is a proof that the product is organic.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides contaminate not only soil and water,

but also the health of producers.

⑦Rainforest Alliance

Behind our affluent lifestyles and consumption, the world's forests are rapidly deforesting, which is adversely affecting biodiversity and climate change. Furthermore, agricultural producers in developing countries are suffering from poor working conditions and low wages. To address these issues, they are working together with a wide variety of partners to protect tropical rainforests and other forests and the wildlife that lives there, as well as farmers and forest communities, to achieve a sustainable world.

Products bearing this mark are

a sign that the product supports natural resources and a healthy working environment for growers and farm workers.

You can support there efforts to create a more sustainable society!

Leaping Bunny is a system for certifying Cruelty-Free. Cruelty-free means "cruelty-free (free). It is used for cosmetics and daily necessities, indicating that no animal testing is conducted in all processes from raw materials to development, manufacturing, and product distribution.

Products with this mark are

free from animal testing in all processes up to the point of distribution.

Each and every one of us supporting cruelty-free companies is a big step toward eliminating animal testing from the world!


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