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NIKKI is Female vocalist of Japanese music group WHITE JAM. She based mainly in Tokyo. She established a management company with the other members, and is in charge of the management as well as the artist business. She especially cares about relationship with her fans, also known as JAMILY. She understands the delicate emotions that only women can understand, and is trusted by women of all ages.


After working for the COVID-19, she launched the "OTAKATSU de SDGs Project" in 2022. NIKKI is aiming for sustainability in the entertainment industry.

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Hello, I'm NIKKI, the project Manager.


During COVID-19, I've talked a lot with fans (a.k.a. JAMILY) through Instagram.

One of the girls said, "I have no reason to live."


She said ''I don't know why I went to the concerts, bought so many goods, and supported my fave. I don't know what I was working for.''


The music industry was directly affected by COVID-19's agitation.

In Japan, Many artists have disbanded or stopped their musical activities, and live venues have disappeared one after another.

I can't blame everyone who supported entertainment for thinking so.


I'd like to change the time and money that they spent on their "favorite" things into something else.

I wanted to change the time and money that they had spent on their "like" into something else,

so I started this project.


Even now, many companies are working to achieve the SDGs goals.

But we, the people, don't know how to participate.

That's why I decided to come up with a way for everyone to "invest in the future with what they like" in the world of entertainment.


They have all done for their “like”.

They have all worked hard for their “like”.

They have so many "likes" left in their life.

I want them to be proud of that.


We can change the future with that "like”.

Don't forget that each and every one of we has that kind of energy.


And from now on, let's continue to support for more "fave", get excited, and enjoy life.

Our ''like'' is great to be able to have a positive impact on the world.


I think I'll start with what I can do.

My goal is 2026.


This project started with a comment from a "fan" who had experienced COVID-19.



WHITE JAM is a Japanese music group. There are three-members, consisting of SHIROSE, GASHIMA and NIKKI. They have established their own management company and are self-managed. They are attracting for their production work, creative live style, event planning and PR style using social media.

Their representative song "Usotsuki" has been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube. Their popularity is expanding both in Japan and overseas.

SHIROSE/GASHIMA is also active as a producer and writer.

They have provided music for various artists.

Provided Artists:

ARASHI /AAA/ Snow Man/ Nissy/ Da-iCE/ Johnny's West/ KisMyFt2/ SixTONES/ KAT-TUN / Tomohisa Yamashita/ TVXQ/ Seiko Matsuda/ MISIA etc.

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