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Collect clothing

OTAKATSU for SDGs is partnering with companies to collect clothing.

We collect and recycle a wide range of artist merchandise T-shirts and other personal clothing that is no longer worn.

"Collecting at live venues"

Provided by: BRING, Japan Kankyo Sekkei Inc.

At the live concerts of WHITE JAM, a music group to which NIKKI belongs, we have set up BRING's clothing collection boxes at the venue to collect clothes for recycling and reuse.


Sticker Present!


Recoverable materials

(T-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, etc.)

Bottoms, Skirts
(Jeans, chinos, skirts, etc.)

(Coats, Jackets, Blousons, Down Jackets, etc.)

Unrecoverable materials

underwear, underwear, socks, shoes, bags


Leather goods, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Pet Clothing


Towels, bedding, blankets, sheets, etc.


Extremely dirty or wet items, etc.

"Collect from your home by delivery."

Provider: under adjustment

We are doing our best to adjust the program so that you can easily participate from the comfort of your home.

Clothing is very environmentally expensive to make and to dispose of.

By using the resources we have available to us, we can be very environmentally friendly.

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