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Ethical brand, pretty makeover!

Makeup is essential for women! But the makeup products we usually use are very harmful to the environment and animals! Here, we introduce you to beauty brands that are developing products that take into account various global issues! Here we introduce you to beauty brands that develop products that take into account various earth issues!

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is a term that refers to beauty products made with consideration for various issues such as the working environment, environmental issues, and animal protection, while eliminating ingredients that may be harmful to the skin or the environment.

OTA-S Recommend


A very popular brand from LA! We recommend the tinted balm that combines eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in "one" product!

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Clean beauty is almost a given in France! It has become a habit for consumers to check the safety of products on the smartphone app "YUKA" before making a purchase!

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A Japanese clean beauty brand that sticks to "made in Japan" from manufacturing to packaging! They are now being sold at Sephora, and is attracting attention around the world!

Cruelty Free

Animal testing is widely conducted on many cosmetics and daily necessities to confirm their safety and efficacy on the human body. For animals, this is sometimes so severe that it results in death. Is animal sacrifice necessary for human beauty? Cruelty-free means that no cosmetics or household products are tested on animals in any phase from development to delivery to us. Many companies around the world are working to become cruelty-free.

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A cosmetic brand born in San Francisco! A Cruelty-Free brand of healthy, comforting, sensible, natural cosmetics! We recommend ''FOUNDATION STICK''! It covers the areas of concern and is a stick type so it's easy to carry around!

OTA-S Recommend


A Thai cosmetic brand with a policy of not testing on animals! It is very popular because it is affordable and easy to enjoy trendy makeup! I recommend it for its great colors and cute packaging!

Eco friendly glitter

They are decomposed by microorganisms in the natural world and eventually converted into carbon dioxide and water, making they are relatively environmentally friendly makeup glitters.

Sparkling glitters are very pretty, but there are concern about the impact on marine life and ecosystems because when makeup is washed off and glitters go down the drain, they end up in the ocean where fish, birds, and plankton eat them!

OTA-S Recommend


Highly recommended! A Korean cosmetic brand that strives to develop eco-friendly biodegradable glitter! It sparkles well and isn't too expensive!

OTA-S Recommend


Vegan cosmetic brand from China! Cute packaging and affordable! I recommend the eyeshadow palette! Very easy to use!


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